The Birth of a Hero


For this week’s challenge, Chuck Wendig asked us to include ten random words into our story (Funeral, Captivate, Deceit, Brimstone, Canyon, Balloon, Clay, Disfigured, Willow and Atomic). The result is below.

It is somewhat shorter than usual (less than 500 words), but I don’t think it would be wise to stretch the story in this format. The lack of context and speech tags requires a greater amount of focus by the reader, and we all know attention span is a scarce resource ;).

It turned out to be a very weird story, and an unusual take on the challenge (or so I hope).

Tell me what you think!

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Robbing the Agua Fria Express


So this week in Chuck Wendig’s Challenge, we had to to play Dr. Frankenstein and create a hybrid of two genres. My two randomly assigned genres were:

  1. Dieselpunk
  2. Weird West

I must confess I found it difficult to reconcile the confined spaces and crowded feel of the interbellum imagery with the more open spaces and the promise of freedom of the old west.

How did I do?

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Flushing the Rainbow



This week’s challenge for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge is somethingpunk. It was a fun assignment. I’m not really happy with the story I created, but I like the ridiculous and over-the-top setting that came with it.

The following story is set in a world where mankind has mastered all forms of optics. It is a place where light bows to the whims of man. No photon was spared. This is Lightpunk (or Opticpunk, I haven’t decided yet).

Feel free to add your thoughts.

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